Tips to get a great actor headshot

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Tips to get a great actor headshot

A great actor headshot is an important tool for an actor.  An actor headshot must show the actors personality and “type” of character that they can typically play. I especially enjoy this video because a casting director is giving you her first hand opinion about what makes a great actor headshot.

I always have a lot of fun photographing actors in creating their headshots.  An actor headshot must show your personality and attitude.  Therefore we take lots of shots to get a wide variety of emotions and attitudes from which the actor can select his/her favorite image.

Here at Cynthia McIntyre Photography, we offer several packages for actor headshots. As a result, you can custom design your session to be exactly what you want.

Most actor headshot sessions are only about 1 hour in length. This is because the majority of my clients only want one look and one final image.  Of course, all images are retouched to ensure you look fantastic!

Cynthia McIntyre is the headshot expert!  She will create and actor headshot that gets your results.  This video below is quite informative as it describes headshot lighting tips and techniques.






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