Professional Photographer

Professional  Photographer

I am a full time professional photographer specializing in headshots.  I create GREAT headshots for my clients in CT, Tampa FL and Westchester NY.  For more info about my headshot photography go to my main website or CALL 203-364-1592

Even though I only create headshots, I have a deep respect for the work of other professional photographers.  I believe most people think that it is easy to be a professional photographer. I mean, how hard is it to push a little button on your camera?  A three year old can do it. Right?Wrong!   Creating amazing photography takes hard work, lots and lots of experience and commitment.  That is why I am in awe at some of the images you will see in the attached video.  They are amazing!  Only a professional photographer(s) could have created these wonderful photographs.

I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do. Unfortunately I cannot credit who the professional photographers were that created the extraordinary images.