New Haven Actor Headshots

New Haven Actor Headshots

An actor headshot is much different than any other kind of headshot. The intent of actor headshots is to show your “type” and personality. It has to have attitude and spunk!  I have photographed many actor headshots during my career as a professional headshot photographer.  I always tell my actor clients that they need to show sparkle and attitude in their headshots. I have many different techniques to draw this out of my clients so we always get GREAT actor headshots.

One of the things that I always stress with my actor clients is the fact that their headshots should look natural. That means that it is not advised that the women wear a lot of makeup and very little retouching should be done to final printed actor headshots. The Casting Directors know they can put makeup on you to enhance your appearance. They want to see what you look like before the enhancement.

I have attached a video below that was produced by a Casting Director. I believe you will find it helpful to know what they are looking for in actor headshots.  She has some sound advice and I frequently send the link to my clients prior to actor headshots sessions  so they can be better prepared for the photo shoot with me.

I hope you also find it helpful!


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