Landscape Photography for Beginners

Landscape Photography for Beginners

Most of the hobbyist photographers that I meet are interested in Landscape photography. I believe that most people that enjoy traveling also enjoy landscape photography. I too love to take photographs while I am traveling and my favorite subject is landscapes. If landscape photography if your passion, then you may have wondered how you can turn it into a career so you can support yourself.

I believe you will enjoy the videos I posted below by Elia Locardi. The first video talks about how he got into landscape photography and he describes his thought process regarding how he was going to use it to make money. He and his wife certainly took a leap of faith!  The video is quite inspiring!  I think you will enjoy it.  Unfortunately, too often photographers have a difficult path to becoming financially comfortable.  One of the ways that he has been able to support himself with landscape photography is building on his teaching skills.   He provides educational opportunities to new or experienced photographers to teach you how to create amazing landscape photography.  The videos detail how to photograph any kind of landscape throughout the world. 

He also teaches how to post process the landscape photography you create.  His techniques used to retouch landscapes in photoshop are amazing!  I was especially interested in his "blending of time" photoshop techniques.  It is apparent that he is a master at his creation of landscapes/

He is an excellent photography teacher. I like his easy and honest teaching style.  He is a very skilled photographer and educator.

The last video is a behind the scene video footage of Elia creating landscape photography in Italy.  I believe you will enjoy these videos!




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