Funny Family Portraits

Funny Family Portraits 

I love photographing families and creating family portraits.  It is one of the most rewarding things I do as a photographer.  I believe this is because I know that years from now members of the family will look back and treasure the family portrait that I created.

I have created some very beautiful family portraits during my career. However, I also know that I have created some very funny family portraits that the families never see.  It is very common when I am getting the family posed and settled (before I start shooting the “real” family portrait) for me to take some test shots to ensure the lighting is satisfactory and the posing makes everyone look great.  Those pre-shots that I took when no one was prepared are the funny family portraits!  The family is not aware that I am going to take the portrait so mom is yelling at the kids, pulling up (or down) clothes and dad is fussing with the unruly dog. Everyone is in disarray and they look quite humorous.  Alas, no one see’s these images but me because my clients don’t want to purchase images in which they look less than perfect.  Therefore, if you are in my studio some night when I am retouching family portraits and you hear laughter from my office you know what I am looking at.

That is why I find these funny family portraits so hilarious.  The family portraits you will see in the video below were actually liked by the family enough to but the print!  Wow!

I hope you get a chuckle as you review them!